Comics: Fem-fronted titles 2014, Comic Book Cocktails No. 2… Tomb Raider!

Tomb Raider #1

Out: February 26th, 2014

Lara is no stranger to the comic book form, but this time none other than Gail Simone is her driving force.

Despite some negative views from many feminists, here at Heroine Junkies, we are huge supporters of Lara Croft. She spawned from the 90’s, a time of substantial growth when it came to pop-culture lead women. Croft showed the world that a female character could front a successful video game, in fact, a MORE than just successful video game. And Lara Croft has since become an iconic figure in gaming, as recognisable as Sonic and Mario.

Lara's new, less revealing, more practical outfit. She is still just as recognisable, even without the shorts...

Lara’s new, less revealing, more practical outfit. She is still just as recognisable, even without the shorts…

Yes, her skimpy outfit and sexualisation is a little OTT, and even infuriated her creator, who cited Tank Girl as an influence. But, her latest reincarnation is less hot pants, more badass. And we can’t help but love Angelina Jolie’s interpretation of the character… no matter how bad the first film was. Lara is no woman in distress, and at least doesn’t make the irritating panting noises of the girls of Street Fighter (am I the only one irritated by their whimpers? Badass ninja warriors or not).

Gail Simone is, therefore, quite possibly the only comic book writer who has the balls (or lack there of) to take on such an important female character. And thank god she is up for the challenge.

Simone was one of the masterminds behind Women In Refrigerators, a site dedicated to exposing the blatant sexism within popular comics – particularly the use of female characters as plot devices to be raped, killed and otherwise maimed in order to forward the male lead’s story. Since the site was founded in 1999, Simone has gone on to pen Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman and Batgirl.

Anyway, if you would like to check out the first 6 pages of the Tomb Raider comic, channeling the new video games and a good chunk of Simone attitude, have a look over at the Mary Sue.

In the mean time, here is the Tomb Raider cocktail, which believe it or not is a real thing over in Cambodia. The drink is named for Angelina Jolie who played the English lady adventurer in the 2001 film adaptation, and it’s apparently her drink of choice…

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