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Painkiller Jane The Price of Freedom 2013-14

Painkiller Jane The Price of Freedom 2013-14

The 90’s is commonly seen as a particularly sexist period for comic books. The busts got bigger, waists smaller, anatomy utterly incomprehensible and there was a distinct lack of new female flesh while exposing a bit too much of the characters that already existed. However, with  the emergence of third wave feminism,  Jimmy Palmiotti saw a need for a new badass lady role model and created Painkiller Jane, an ex-cop who develops superior healing abilities and is subsequently practically indestructible.

The character was inspired by a few of the writers feisty female friends, as well as Jane’s “attitude, confidence and sense of humour” being that of Palmiotti’s wife, fellow comic book artist, Amanda Conner.

Painkiller Jane has not only spawned many one off comic book series’ but has had her own movie (I wouldn’t bother watching it though, it’s a bit pants) and a Sci-Fi channel exclusive series back in 2006.

Luckily for us, Jane is back, and with only two issues having been released so far, this is the perfect time to pick up the series.

Issue #1 of the new Icon series, an offset of Marvel, introduces us to Jane. And if you weren’t already a fan, provides some much needed backstory, as well as throwing us straight into the action of story arc “The Price of Freedom”.

The story is interesting, it brings up a lot of feminist issues. The ‘victim’ within the story is a Saudi Arabian princess, so the plot touches on the sexism within her country and her fathers’ double standards when it comes to his ‘new’ and ‘traditional’ values.

Sexuality, bi-sexuality and perverseness are subjects also approached within the first 2 issues.

These comics aren’t afraid to approach difficult subjects and aren’t for the faint hearted. Sex, violence and gore are all standard for Painkiller Jane, so if you love a bit of gratuitous violence, and bad language… Jane is definitely the girl for you!


Issue #3 is out 8th January.

New Year… Women on Screen!

So with a new year dawning, we are looking at some of the most exciting films coming in 2014.. there are many! X-men: Days of Future Past, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 300: Rise of an Empire, RoboCop, GODZILLA (yes, really)… we could go on! However, we are counting down the top 5 that feature kick-ass ladies, of course!

Here is the count down!

5. Lucy

Capitalising on Scarlett Johansson‘s current reputation as a super heroine (we have negative feelings towards her role as Black Widow) this film sounds a lot like Painkiller Jane, if you haven’t checked out PK Jane, there will be a review of the new line of comics coming soon!

Basically, a drug mule (Jane isn’t a drug mule she is an agent) takes a drug but it ends up being absorbed into her system and turning her superhuman. She has super strength and the inability to feel pain. The premise sounds promising, it is only Johansson that puts us off… no trailer yet, we shall keep you updated!

4. Divergent

Another young adult novel based film. Think Hunger Games…

3. Jane Got A Gun

Natalie Portman stars in this western, taking on a Calamity Jane- type role. Sound exciting? No trailers yet… But, if you want to know a little more, here is a video:

2. Maleficent

This one has had some MAJOR hype… we weren’t sure if this was real, it sounded so amazing, but it is! Angelina Jolie takes on Sleeping Beauty’s evil fairy godmother. We wonder how long it will take for all the Disney villains to be granted their own movies?

1. Veronica Mars

This gets the number 1 spot? Why? Because it’s Veronica Mars… If you never watched the series, go out and buy the DVD box set… it’s 3 season’s of well, we don’t know how to describe it… Nancy Drew meets The O.C.? This film was made possible by the hardcore cult fan base the series created raising funds through the Kickstarter campaign series creator, Rob Thomas and star, Kristen Bell set up following the cancellation of the show. How amazing it that?