The (Female) Force Awakens

It’s happening, finally. The importance of heroines isn’t being cast away and seen as something that’s not worth film-makers, comic book creators and TV producers time.

It’s a new year, and a new hope.

Alongside the blockbuster of the year, where Charlize Theron stole the throne from Tom Hardy’s Mad Max, we had some killer television.


At the end of 2015 we saw Marvel’s Jessica Jones bring a harrowing, female-focused storyline to screens, where sexual and emotional abuse is shown at it’s most potent and it’s the male characters who go nameless.

Supergirl also hit screens, and even though it’s popularity has seemed to dwindle – it’s a shame. Supergirl was integral to my interest in superheroes. She was the attainable heroine, the one I could most relate to as a child.


Lesser known, but still important were the Scream Queens and Scream series’. As a horror fan, these stand out. Dispite Scream Queen’s tongue and cheek look at slasher flicks and use of movie tropes, the cast is heavily female, and they are all very well fleshed out, with both heroines and villains.

Scream was perhaps one of my personal favourites, with the Scream series yet again warping perceptions and proving that it’s still well ahead on the horror trend, still relevant and cleverly self-aware.


Then came Star Wars, and thank the universe. Rey gives little girls the hope we have been waiting for – the proof that you don’t have to ever be the damsel in distress, be sexualised, be provocative. That a female character can be just as universal as a male. Let’s teach little boys and girls not to worry about gender, to relate to the character and not the sex – young girls have to do this a lot more, as the hero of a blockbuster is very rarely a girl, so finding yourself in the shoes of a boy is common in our imagination.

Here’s an interesting article that illustrates this point beautifully and adds to our cause – we don’t need another hero, let their be more heroines.

New Statesman Article: What to do when you’re not a hero anymore

And another brilliant piece from Mary Sue: The Importance of Rey


Crush: All We Want For Christmas

We have scoured the net to find what we really want underneath our Christmas trees this December 25th…

First up, it is really important to get your decor up to scratch, it sets the tone for the rest of the holiday season. Fear not, friends, we have just the thing to brighten up your home!

Save your pad from the dark side this christmas, and light up your tree with these neat yoda lights:

Available @ Think Geek

Available @ Think Geek

And what about the rest of your tree? You don’t want some lame-ass baubles bringing yoda down…
We got that covered… how about these?

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 00.30.31

ginger pots @ etsy

So how can you possible top off yoda and the justice league? You can’t exactly just shove some pathetic little angel on top, right?

LighterCases @ Etsy

LighterCases @ Etsy

Check. That. Out.

So by now your digs are pimping, but what about you?

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly… but how can you be jolly when it’s so friggin’ cold?

KnitHappensSoWhat over at Etsy will customise you a pretty sweet jumper, like this one:

KnitHappensSewWhat @ Etsy

KnitHappensSewWhat @ Etsy

It will only set you back approx £95 but you know what they say, a knit is not just for Christmas…

So now you are all set… It’s Christmas morning, picture it:

You wake up and slip your toes into a nice pair of snugly chewbacca slippers

Saunter over to your stocking… (it may look a little like this…)

Forbiddenfruit @ Etsy

Forbiddenfruit @ Etsy

What do you find inside?? After you have spent all that money on your epic xmas decor, hopefully the treats inside will look a little like this: (and provided by someone special I advise setting up a pinterest and really subtly linking it to each and every person you feel necessary)

The Obligatory Pair Of Socks

Something You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life Essential car pimping accessory
Essential car pimping accessory

Candy… yeh we will leave that up to you.

So you are up and have mastered the stocking. But what is under that glistening tree of geekery that you so lovingly set up?

We would hope just a few of these items:

We don’t know about you, but if this bad boy harnessed our girls, we would be showing off our undies far more often…

Girls… there are matching panties too! You could opt for the batman design, but we figure wonder woman expresses more of the bod that’s harbouring underneath.

If Comics aren’t your thing, then maybe some sexy sci-fi lingerie will get you in the mood?

Bulletsandbees @ Etsy

Bulletsandbees @ Etsy

We are loving the vintage appeal of this matching set!

As for our comic picks…

Out this month is none other than HARLEY QUINN #1 – we suggest you guys get down your local comic store and grab it as IGN has rated the first issue a commendable 9.5!

So, continuing with our Christmas scenario… you have opened your fabulous presents and you are passing out the nuts as d’oeuvres before the feast being cooked up in the kitchen… luckily you have one of these:

Yes, that IS a stormtrooper nutcracker… you can also get a Darth Vader one, if you want to crack on with the dark side that is.

The feast is over, you feel stuffed with all that turkey and what have you, family members are beginning to get on your nerves and have commandeered your brand spanking new xbox one… what do you do?



ahhh so THAT’s what they mean by “santa’s little helper”